Bushkill Falls Mining Company Maze

Bushkill Falls Mining Company Maze

Go for the Gold!

Navigate your way through our newest addition here at Bushkill Falls!

The Bushkill Falls Mining Co. Maze is a fun competitive activity that lends more than just finding your way through the maze to the exit. This is a great way for everyone to sharpen his or her navigation skills while competing for the fastest times! Release your competitive side!

How does it work?

When entering the maze, participants will receive a passport with their start time. Maze runners must locate four checkpoints, each with a letter they punch on their passport. The object is to spell the word “GOLD”; then exit as quickly as possible. Guests with the fastest times will win fun prizes ranging from stickers to removable tattoos and buttons. Extra competitive visitors have the opportunity to run the maze multiple times to improve their times and win better prizes.

Open Peak Season Only
First Maze Run $5.00
Re-Runs $2.00

We look forward to seeing you at the Maze!