History Brought to Life

Here at Bushkill Falls we have three exhibits for you to explore:

Pennsylvania Wildlife Exhibit

The Pennsylvania Wildlife Exhibit, located at the entrance of Bushkill Falls, features fascinating displays about the area's indigenous wildlife. From the mighty black bear to the timid chipmunk, the exhibit is an outstanding place to learn more about these creatures that are so integral a part of the Bushkill Falls natural environment.

NOTE: None of the animals in this display were intentionally killed for our exhibit. The specimens seen in the exhibit were acquired through local and state game officials. The majority of animals were road kills that were salvageable.

Native American Exhibit

The Native American Exhibit adds to the experience as you step into the life-size longhouse, look up through the smoke hole, and imagine cooking and sleeping in such a structure. The displays of cooking utensils and hunting equipment remind you that eating was not a simple trip to the grocery store or fast food outlet.

"Story of Bushkill Falls" Exhibit 

The "Story of Bushkill Falls" Exhibit takes you back in time with the founder Charles E. Peters and the Peters family. You'll see advertising, postcards, souvenirs, and family pictures since Bushkill Falls' 1904 opening.