Enjoy Quiet Nature

Enjoy fishing? Then relax along the shoreline of Twin Lakes and enjoy a day of fishing. A Pennsylvania fishing license is not required, however a permit is. 

Fishing Permit

$7.00 per person 

(Available for purchase in our main gift shop. Current admission ticket required.)

Fish Facts

While you relax along the shores of Twin Lakes, here are some fun facts about fish to think about:

  • There are over 25,000 identified species of fish on the earth.
  • Fish have been on the earth for more than 450 million years.
  • When a fish is caught on a hook and line, it can feel through its nervous system that it has been hooked... and will try to escape. Unlike humans, most fish have no frontal lobe in their primitive brains so they are not likely to be distressed by what they feel.
  • All fish are cold blooded, which means their body temperature is tied to the water around them.
  • A single piranha cannot eat a man, but it can take off a toe - ouch!
  • Most fish do not have eyelids. So, technically, they cannot close their eyes to sleep. However, they do rest in different ways: many eat and swim during the day and remain inactive at night, while some are always semi-resting ("daydreaming") as they virtually spend their whole lives motionless.
  • Fish have no outer ears but enclosed organs situated on either side of the head behind the eyes that respond to sound waves in the water.

Fun Fish Facts